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Feeling irreplaceable

This is mainly an issue for more experienced sailors. Underneath annoying meteorological situations or longer cruises


Over reliance on GPS and map plotters

Many sailors more and more rely on modern yachting gadget. But, blind believe in navigation generation may


Why do accidents occur at sea and what do

Why do accidents arise at sea? What are the most common causes of accidents? Itís now not technical failure or a unexpected


Intensifying Jugo as the final stage confirms the winner

The very last, unofficial racing degree worried handiest 3 racing boats in an intensifying jugo. Salona 38 punch showed


We cleaned up 100 kg worth of plastic from the beach with Sail Blue

Our purifier sea initiative, sail blue, is meant to help make certain that our beaches stay pristine. After docking


A second day of racing in changeable winds

Sunday morning turned into sunny, the sky cloudless, and the winds calm: in short, the promise was of another


The first racing day brought a surprise

Breakfast became served inside the cockpits and then the morning calm was interrupted through the captains' meeting


The first day of training and a party on Zlarin

On friday morning we commandeered our boats and in the afternoon most crews took gain of the opportunity to suit in some training


46 crews and 4 days at sea filled with thrilling competition

An easter that falls within the latter 1/2 of april brings with it the promise of fabulous weather and calmer winds.


Are more wind and waves associated with climate change

It's miles untimely to hyperlink the present day findings solely to weather trade, which also brings approximately


How has the wave height changed

A more potent wind reasons the sea to swell and thus bigger waves. The extreme ones whilst in comparison to


Where are the strongest winds

Extra effective winds had been found with the aid of researchers over throughout oceans. But, the place with ?


How have the oceans changed over the last 30 years Bigger waves and stronger winds

How have the oceans modified over the past 30 years? There are much larger waves inside the ocean and more potent winds.



Save you unwanted contact by way of sporting thin neoprene or lycra t-shirts and snorkelling fits.


First aid for stings and injuries from spines

Itís critical to prevent the in addition spread of pollutants, which have entered the body. You could try to use



Injuries are as a result of spines or jellyfish tentacles, which might be protected in small spines and stinging cells