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The first racing day brought a surprise

Breakfast became served inside the cockpits and then the morning calm was interrupted through the captains' meeting on the pier, which in this first day become no longer held until 10am. Calmer winds from the northwest and gloriously sunny climate promised a pleasing and comfortable day of yachting. Placing sail, against the wind, happened without any fuss, and at the start the racing boats led the manner.

However, their lead didnít ultimate long, as they have been soon overtaken via the vacationers on dufour 445 prgino ii; they'd already taken the lead through the first turn, and thereafter won the first degree. Her captain, gabriel strba, put in a definitely exceptional overall performance and the crewís win turned into most deserved. The racing boats ended up in the back of this "vacationer". Second and 1/3 place went to the racing boats first 40. 7 carmen captained with the aid of jirka zindulka and salona 38 punch, skippered by means of petr bartos. It was a completely near finish between the first three ships, and it turned into additionally very tight among the second organization of boats. Anyone truly loved this level, several crews reporting that they'd cooked lunch (even a sirloin steak!) in the course of the voyage. Exactly as races need to be ??. After crossing the end line, numerous boats docked and the crews bathed inside the april adriatic??. Others headed for the quay and the fun commenced at the boats. After 7 oíclock, we moved to a restaurant inside the marina in which we had dinner together. The dinner was extraordinary, and the prizes have been offered earlier than dessert for every of the three classes: racing boats, over forty one-foot visitor boats and beneath forty one-foot traveller boats. The successful crew of the prgino ii expressed unbridled pleasure at their victory. After dinner, the fun on the ships endured properly into the night time, till the marina group of workers insisted that the loudest group flip down the extent of the song so as no longer to disturb the neighbours.