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Why do accidents occur at sea and what do even experienced sailors sometimes underestimate

Why do accidents arise at sea? What are the most common causes of accidents? Itís now not technical failure or a unexpected trade in weather that sailors fear the most. In reality, consistent with many estimates, human factors reason up to seventy eight% of all accidents.

Those estimates advise that technical defects reason simplest about 20% of accidents (counting predictable or hidden defects) with only a negligible 2% being as a result of surprising external impacts (twister, earthquake, collision with a field, tree and so forth). How precisely are human factors involved in accidents? A big percentage of accidents at sea are due to human blunders. That's why a lot of them are without problems prevented. Weíve compiled a list of seven of the maximum not unusual reasons, the effects of that are even underestimated via extra skilled sailors. Are you able to discover your memories among them?